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How To Prepare For Selling In The Spring Real Estate Market

What you don’t know could cost you time, and money.

By Heather Johnston, C.O.O. & Realtor, The Spaniak Team – eXp Realty LLC

The weather is warming up, snow and ice is melting, and you can feel a change in the air – Spring is coming! You said you were going to sell your house in spring, but you just don’t know where to start. Maybe you’ve called your agent to start the process, or maybe you’ve just been browsing online and mulling over the idea. Well, wherever you find yourself, we’ve got some tips to help you put your “best foot forward” when it comes time to sell!

#1 – Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal, Curb Appeal.
Yes, it really is that important. In order to draw attention & entice potential buyers to want to see more, your home has to look inviting from the first glance onward. Take some time to sweep off steps & walkways, plant some flowers, wash off siding, & tidy up the front door. A fresh coat of paint on a door or porch can make a world of difference. Add a ‘welcome’ mat and some potted plants (don’t let them die & look sad!) to bring in a pop of color that is visually interesting.

#2 De-Cluttering is Key
In the era of celebrity organizers like Marie Kondo and real estate aspirations proliferated by HGTV, most consumers have high expectations when it comes to the visual presentation of a home’s interior. Even if you do not hire a professional designer, stager, or organizer, you should still take some time to really edit the items in your main living areas before putting your house on the market. While you may love all of your ‘stuff’ it might be too much to process for a potential buyer, and therefore will be distracting from the overall look of your home. It’s always best to get another opinion before you start tossing all your treasures, but a few basics are: remove family photos from throughout your house & store them away; clear off tables, shelves, and counter tops to contain items covering only approximately 1/3 of their surface area. Tidy up spaces like mudrooms & foyers by finding ways to conceal extra shoes & boots. Hang coats up in closets, rather than leaving them on hooks.

#3 Spring Clean Like You Mean It
Seriously, do it. Or hire someone to do it. A clean home hides a multitude of sins…Well, ok, maybe not really but you get the drift. Imagine that Danny Tanner from Full House is coming over with his white glove to inspect your home before dinner – yikes! Make sure those baseboards are wiped down, ceiling fans are free from dust, and your kitchen has been de-greased. Wash those windows, wipe down the cabinets, clean out the microwave & stove. Are we making the point? Buyers notice dirt & grime more than almost anything else – second only to clutter, and third to lack of curb appeal, in our unscientifically based opinion. Consult with a cleaning company if you’re not sure what constitutes a ‘deep clean’ versus ‘light clean’ or ‘wipe down’ type of cleaning.

#4 Landscape Like It’s Your Job
Alright, you probably don’t have to actually landscape like it is your job in order to get your house ready to sell. But you should take it seriously. Look around your yard and imagine you were a buyer touring. Is there dead grass that needs to be sodded or re-seeded? Wilted plants or dead flowers? Trees looking scraggly and overgrown shrubs? You get the idea, so we won’t go further. Either grab your gardening shears & gloves & get to work, or hire a professional for a “Spring Cleanup” special. Many local companies offer seasonal packages that will get your yard looking ship-shape in no time, and you don’t have to get dirt under your fingernails!

#5 Call The Spaniak Team (aka Your Favorite Agents)
Shameless plug. Honestly, we’d love to work with you, but more than anything, we want you – the consumer – to be educated about how to sell your home (and buy one). While there are many resources for home buyers and sellers online, working with a real estate agent has many advantages and can save you time, money, stress, and regret in the long run. We would be happy to share with you how working with an agent, and specifically, working with us here at The Spaniak Team, can sell your home for more money, in less time, and for the best terms possible in the current market. Call us at 847-318-3431 or visit us at Email

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