Careers with the Spaniak Team

    Real Estate Agent 

    Who We Are

    The Spaniak Team is the premier real estate team in the Chicagoland area. The Spaniak Team’s mission is to provide the highest level of service and professionalism to our clients and support them through one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

    We believe that we need to give our agents and team members the education, the opportunity and the tools to succeed at the highest level in the marketplace and to be viewed as the ultimate experts and professionals in residential real estate.

    We are hard-working, passionate, driven, resourceful, self-motivated, accountable and learning-based self-starters.

    We are focused on creating careers…not jobs. A career is more important to us than a job. A successful career is intimately tied into our self-worth and personal achievement throughout our whole lives.

    What’s In It For You?

    This is an excellent long-term opportunity for a highly motivated and dedicated person to join one of the top real estate teams in the Chicagoland area. Great potential for advancement. Please only apply if you have a strong work ethic, are learning-based and are committed to superior client service and market mastery.

    You’ll receive world-class training from The Spaniak Team & Keller Williams, access to some of the top real estate coaches in the industry, as well as our amazing support staff who takes care of transaction management and all marketing…with an opportunity to make over $100,000 without any expenses.

    Items of value we provide to team members:

    • Coaching from top level real estate professionals
    • Internet leads from Zillow
    • Highly functional Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
    • Internet leads from CRM, Google Adwords and social media
    • Sign call number ringing on all agents’ phones
    • Access to phone numbers for circle calling
    • Mojo dialer
    • Script and role play time to expand skills
    • All marketing and advertising expenses paid for
    • 33 touch program for each agent’s sphere and leads
    • Runner to provide administrative support
    • Inside/Outside sales team to farm leads
    • Complete transaction management from contract to close
    • RingCentral phone number
    • BOLD coaching
    • Family Reunion – Convention
    • Group coaching
    • Ability to sit new open houses and attract leads
    • Immediate credibility
    • Ability to build a team within the Spaniak Team
    • Expansion outside of the North Shore and into other locations in the country
    • Culture that is about personal and professional growth

    Job Requirements

    • Previous sales experience highly preferred
    • Must want a full-time job
    • Hard-working
    • You must WANT to make over $100,000 a year selling real estate
    • You will need to have or get your Illinois real estate license
    • High school diploma or higher

    Anticipated outcomes for agents:

    • 36 transactions a year = $165,000 in income – no marketing expenses
    • All transaction management done by the internal staff
    • More free time and more money made
    • Leveraging other team members and showing assistants when you are unable to show a home

    Send a cover letter along with your resume. Tell us why you are interested in selling real estate. Please send to