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Scale your real estate business to $500,000 in income

Scale your real estate business to $250,000 in income

Hosted by eXp Realty agent, Kati Spaniak

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Guaranteed Income!
You started out strong in real estate! Your early sales just seemed to flow to you naturally. Now, as you are relying on real estate as your full-time income, you are nervous because your income isn’t guaranteed month to month. You need more quality leads but don’t want to spend additional money to find them. You are scared you are going to fail in this business and losing faith every day!

Rope In Stability!
You have been working with too many buyers who take up way too much of your time and never close. Listing appointments are the key to your real estate success, and you haven’t quite mastered how to secure those listings. If you don’t secure those listing appointments, you could be running around with buyers wasting your time for the rest of your career!

Maintain Boundaries!
You are exhausted!! Your clients demand your immediate response to their emails, calls, and texts all day and night. These clients keep demanding more, and you keep giving them more, but they are never satisfied. Your family is upset with you. You never put them first and are always taking calls during dinner and missing important family events, but you don’t know what to do to make it better!

Session 1: You’re a Salesperson Now
You loved the idea of being able to show homes and help your clients find the home of their dreams. But now you understand that selling homes isn’t actually about opening doors but rather your ability to close the deal.

Too many agents don’t realize their selling skills need to be mastered in order to become phenomenally wealthy. Many agents leave the industry at this point because they don’t know how to climb this hill.

Become a master salesperson with specific concentration on real estate to take your business to the next level and never lose a client again because you didn’t know how to close.

What will you get out of this presentation? 

  • Gain specific insight into your personality profile as well as your customers’ and use that information to close more deals by knowing what to listen for.
  • Learn how to listen, close, and sell!
  • Techniques to watch out for red flags so no deals are lost again

Session 2: Leads. Leads. Leads.
The rockstar agents make it look so easy to get sales. How do they do that? Is it because they are spending more money? Are they better at sales? Are they just lucky? Finding and keeping a pipeline of leads flowing into your business can be painful. And without that flow of leads, you will never gain the consistent income you are looking for.

Tune in to see how you can become a rockstar agent who doesn’t pay for leads and has people calling you to buy or sell a home! Take the challenge to become ‘Local Famous’ and become one of the most financially successful real estate agents in your market!

What will you get out of this presentation?
Create a focused plan that will procure solid leads, ready-and-able clients and consistent closings month-after-month and year-after-year by becoming ‘Local Famous’.

Session 3: Listings. Listings. Listings.
Listings are the name of the game in this business. Without securing listing agreements and selling those listings, agents will not be immensely successful and will constantly be running in circles with their more difficult, less consistent, buyer clients.

Learn how to close 80% of your listing appointments and close 100% of every listing you have signed. You will have the ability to foresee your potential business months in advance. Find out why your paid marketing doesn’t help you sell a home and never worry again about maintaining consistent income every single month.

What will you get out of this presentation?
Creating a winning listing presentation using a multi-layered approach & the systematic detailed process that will ensure that you secure 80% of all listing appointments and obtain 100% list-to-close ratio on all listings.

Session 4: Your Life. Your Schedule.
Are your family dinners, your kids’ sporting events and personal time for yourself non-existent? Exhausted by the runaround by your clients to be at their every beck and call? Are you up at 11 pm texting demanding clients? Your doctor doesn’t reply to your messages outside of working hours? Why do you?

Your boundaries are constantly being broken by clients and you are allowing it to happen. You end up working all day, night and weekends only to sacrifice your family and personal time with no guarantee of compensation. Learn how to set your boundaries in concrete, stick to them and have the personal time with your family you deserve!

What will you get out of this presentation?
Get a handle on your boundaries so as to create an airtight schedule you and your family can count on and your clients will respect eliminating that last minute running around, 11 o’clock calls and email answering in the middle of the night.

Session 5: Your Time Vs. Your Money
Do you feel you are spinning your wheels doing unproductive tasks that aren’t revenue-generating? If only you had the money to hire someone to help you with your business! How about you change that thought around and say that you can’t afford NOT to hire someone! By hiring others, you will leverage your way to more money, freedom, and success than you could have ever imagined in your real estate business.

What will you get out of this presentation?
Stop wasting time on non-revenue generating tasks and build your administrative and support team to help alleviate pressure and grow your business by 50% or more.

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