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Northbrook School District 28 Homes

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Find your dream home in District 28

District 28 is closest to downtown Northbrook, the park, the library and the Metra train station. Because these were the first homes built in Northbrook, there are many smaller ‘starter’ homes on smaller lots. You find a strong sense of community in downtown District 28 because the lots are so close together, so you see your neighbors… a lot! However, with smaller lots comes smaller houses. So, someone looking for a larger home in District 28 will most likely have to venture to East Northbrook which is east of Waukegan Road.

In East Northbrook, the lots are much larger, however, the prices tend to be much higher as well. Many residents of East Northbrook have to decide if they want their children crossing Waukegan to get to the grade school and the junior high. However, during school hours, there are always crossing guards and the crosswalk light always works when pressed.

Bridlewood and Voltz are a few of Northbrook’s most coveted streets boasting multi-million dollar homes and large 2 acre lots.

There are three grade schools in District 28, Meadowbrook, Westmoor and Greenbriar. All three grade schools feed into Northbrook Junior High and all NBJH students will attend Glenbrook North which is in District 225 (a shared high school district with Glenbrook South – mainly Glenview residents)

The housing stock in District 28 is also limited. Generally, you will find many homes with a one-car garage and tight living space. There are some colonial homes in District 28, but most of them will be located in the Westmoor school district. These have two car garages and larger basements.

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