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Northbrook District 31 Homes

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Find your dream home in District 31

District 31 contains the newest homes that were built in Northbrook. Many of them were built in the 1980s and 1990s. They boast very large layouts and lots of square footage. This is the district that is furthest away from the Metra station, however, many residents love the fact that these homes are incredibly close to 294 and provide easy access to get to the western suburbs or Wisconsin.

If you are looking for a getaway vacation home, you might find it on Citation Lake in District 31. These homes sit on a lake that can be used by its residents. Some of these homes have pools and a nice relaxing vibe.

District 31 is generally where you can get the most home for your money, However, that seems to be changing as the years go by. This is one of the most up and coming areas in Northbrook and younger families and empty nesters are both considering making this their permanent residence.

The homes in District 31 are typically large colonials or ranches over 3,400 square feet. They generally all have two-car garages and large basements. There isn’t a lot of new construction in District 31 as the homes that are here are too new to be torn down. There are a lot of homes that were built in the 90s and have higher ceilings, larger basements and three car garages. But they may be dated for some of today’s younger buyers and while the layout and the size is great, they could use a bit of freshening up with the newest trends and styles.

The grade school in District 31 is has only two schools, Winkelman (grades K-5) and Field School (Grades 6-8). This district is also a split district. That means that some kids will go to Field School for junior high and then will split into Glenbrook North and Glenbrook South for high school. There is a small section of Northbrook that attends Glenbrook South, so if you are looking in Northbrook to find a home, make sure that it goes to the high school that you want.

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